Dec 2, 2008

I'm Fail-mous!

Hey, my submission to got put up! Yippee!

more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos

Look What I Made/Tidied/Bought!!!

I am so proud of myself. I picked up some remnants at Jo-Ann's, and turned them into a knitting needle holder. I already have one, but it didn't accommodate all my double-pointed needles, and barely any circular needles. I have no clue how to use a sewing machine, lacked a pattern and eyeballed all the measurements. Nevertheless, it does what I intended it to and I think it turned out great!

Yes, it's being held closed by an elastic band. I don't have any ribbon, but I'll get some this weekend.

Spurred by my newly organized knitting needle collection, I decided to organize all my knitting patterns. The Encyclopedia Knitannica is now a multi-volume collection. I wish I could claim to have made all the patterns therein, but maybe someday...

I also got jealous of Rachel's awesome new interchangeable knitting needle collection and so, when I found one on clearance at, I gave into temptation!

I don't know what the black foamy disk is though!

10 Things in 1000 days

I decided to rationalize my impulse purchasing of knitting books by setting myself a personal challenge.
Here's how long I have left:

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