Oct 28, 2010

Here Come the Midterm Elections

The following quote sums up less eloquently than I ever could, how best to fix the problems in our democracy. It made so much sense to me that I thought it was worth transcribing. Sorry for the strong language.

"Here's a very sad truth. This system that we've created which we argue constantly is better than any government in the world. "We're number 1." This democratic society that we've created. I am more disappointed in this society and in this government that we've created around election time than I ever am. And that's the time you're supposed to be uplifted. That's the time you're supposed to be walking around [proud]. Oh, we should be preening. "Hey rest of the world, look at this democracy we've created!" And it's fucking nauseating right now! I've said it a million times. Here's the deal. You wanna run for something? You get no money. You get no commercial time. There's no anything. There's debate, and if you wanna learn about the person you go to the fucking library. And then people do this, they go, "Oh, well if you do that, then a lot of people aren't going to vote." Good! Fuck 'em! Well, what do we give a fuck? There's 300 million people in this country. So what? A hundred million people vote? That's not enough? 50 million people vote? If 10 million people voted for the presidency, but I thought they were intelligent, well-read folks that, by the way, took the time to get up, go to the library, read about the candidates, educate themselves, watch the debates, so on and so forth. If it was 1 million. And I thought it was 1 million of the best and the brightest, I'd be completely fine with that. It would be under 1% of society; I would still fine with that. I would not be amongst that 1 million. Thank you."
-Adam Carolla

Oct 27, 2010

A Love Story, as Told by Ravelry

I got extremely bored at work today, and as none of my friends have any new Ravelry activity, I took to reviewing my old projects. I realized that my relationship with my husband can be told through my knitting endeavours:



and finally,


It's a random observation, and likely a waste of your time to have made you read this. But, I am really that bored today. If you want to avoid future pointless musings - update your Ravelry project photos!

Oct 19, 2010

Calling All Mamas!

Huzzah, here comes the second trimester! By all accounts, I had a breeze of a first trimester but I still am mostly happy to see it gone! I only felt sick when I was not eating, so I just had to eat all the time (darn!). Other than mild nausea, the only other symptom was that I felt wiped out. I would make it through work, come home to collapse on the couch, where I would remain until a respectable 8.30pm at which point I would retire to my bed. While various aspects of my social life took a hit from this fatigue, the unexpected upshot of this symptom was that I didn't have the energy to stress out about anything. As a lifelong worrier, this was a delightful period of calm for me.

But that's over now. And true to form, a portion of my newly recaptured energy is being dedicated to coming up with things to worry about, and then worrying about them. Recently, my main focus is getting ready for the baby. I have most of the pregnancy/birthing concerns taken care of (with the exception of writing a birth plan and deciding upon the at-birth vaccinations). But what to do with our daughter once we get her home? I've been making a list of things I need to buy, but I am constantly stressed about missing something. So, I need help!

Here are things I have bought, or think I need to buy. Please, please comment or email me if there's anything I missed! Also, feel free to chime in on quantities of things I need, or great places to find things. Other advice and suggestions are welcome too!

Diaper/Nappy Inserts (Where do you buy these??)
Diaper/Nappy Covers
Breast Pump
Bottle Sterilizer
Baby Bath
Baby Bath Robe/Towels
Baby Hair Brush
Crib Sheets
Changing Station
Car Seats and Pram
Sleeping Sacks
Diaper Bag
Baby Wipes
Baby Lotion
Small Towels (for Spit-up)
Crib Mobile
Glider and Ottoman
Max/Min Room Thermometer

Thanks for the help!!

10 Things in 1000 days

I decided to rationalize my impulse purchasing of knitting books by setting myself a personal challenge.
Here's how long I have left:

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