Mar 27, 2010

Well, This Sucks!

Grumble. I broke my hand today. It's not looking good for my knitting in the near future. I will work on rigging my cast (it's in a splint until I meet with the orthopedic surgeon) with a knitting needle holder. But for now, I'm just going to feel sorry for myself.

Mar 20, 2010


My cat Homer died today. I wasn't with him, but my Mum was. I found out from a voicemail that he had passed. I don't know why this has hit me so hard- he was 12 after all -but it did. So, I decided to acknowledge his life in my blog.

I thought long and hard about how to write about my furry friend; whether to tell a linear tale about how he featured in my life or a more sentimental piece about what he meant to me. It all fell short and was deleted as quickly as it was written. I feel that my mother's email said all that could be said in words:

The vet confirmed that he had cancer and showed me the lab report... Anyway, he had to give poor Homer two injections of a valium type drug which Homer naturally resisted! It wasn't pleasant holding him while the vet did it, but Homer did soon relax and lay down and I petted him and the poor darling was purring as he died. His eyes glazed as the drug hit his brain and he was dead though his heart was still pumping and the vet was going to give him another shot, but the heart did stop then.

Homer died as he lived, a real sweetheart. Even as I had him in the cat carrier in the surgery waiting room, children gathered around him and said how lovely he was and poked their little fingers through the bars of the carrier to stroke him. I was trying not to cry, but Homer seemed to like their attentions.

I can honestly say I have never loved any animal as I loved Homer. He was a true friend, always there for me as I hope I was for him. He 'nursed' me in his catty way through my thyroid illness, fussing over me as I lay wearily on the bed and cheering me up greatly in his catty way. He always welcomed me back when I was away, almost tripping me up in his enthusiasm to greet me. He had a huge appetite for food, much greater and greedier than his brother's and a bit like me in that respect! He was gregarious and sweet natured, rarely bad tempered... All in all, he was the best cat that ever lived which I told him as his little spirit slipped away. Anyone who thinks that only human animals have a 'soul' is greatly mistaken.

Goodbye Homer.

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