Apr 22, 2008

The Maiden Bloggage

So here I am in the blogosphere. I have resisted for quite a long time, mainly because I hate the many contractions on the internet, most of all the word "blog" and I made my not blogging my one-woman stand against lazy speech. By now, I'm sure you all noticed so I feel I've made my point. Most of my Ravelry buddies have blogs which have proven entertaining during downtime at work. And always the beta female, I am following their lead a la my forays into Bebo, Facebook, Ravelry etc. Another motivating factor is the trauma of my having run out of binary diversions. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have read the internet - all of it. The writer's strike has laid waste to watching shows online, I have gotten as good as think I can in minesweeper (143s on expert - that's right) and ravelry.com is a lot of fun, but given my boss frowns on my knitting at work, I don't have much to cause to update anything during the day. I have amused myself looking through other users yarn stashes but that was only a slippery slope to boredom purchasing of yarn. As a result, my bank account is now toying with redness, so blogging it is. You might point out that maybe I should have been working at work. Well, that's just stupid. I guess I could be writing my thesis in my downtime. Maybe I'll start writing in chapters onto this site. Pretending it's a serial blog may make the process a little more appealing to me.
I have to say the whole blogging experience is a little daunting on some levels. Does my blog need to have a theme? Do I need a sign off? What if no one reads it? What if I make some horrible grammatical error and lots of people visit my page to thoroughly read it? How often do I need to blog? Is there any etiquette at all, or are my concerns just a worrying insight into my moderately paranoid disposition? I guess I'll go to bed and hopefully not lie awake all night worrying if I should be prosaic or humorous. Or maybe I'll do some work on my thesis.


Aubrey said...

Yay, just saw you have a blog! My real blog url is http://star-shaped.org. As for maintenance, write as often or as infrequently as you want; I use my blog more to talk about my knitting and other random stuff that goes on. I try updating a few times a week, but I'm lucky if I update once on the weekends. I need to update more!

Andrew said...

"What if I make some horrible grammatical error and lots of people visit my page to thoroughly read it?"

Liz. That's clever of you to split an infinitive in a sentence about grammar errors. That is to just see if people are paying attention, I hope.

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