Aug 14, 2009

Dining Etti-cat

Okay, I'm putting up a video of my cats, so I don't think the pun is going to make the situation any worse!

Our cat, Panthro, does a couple of tricks when we give him treats that never cease to entertain me. First, he stands on his hind legs to beg. He often does this whenever we merely enter the kitchen -the home of the treats- in the hopes that we will give him some. When we give the cats treats, Panthro wolfs down his share and then moves to Button's treats. In order to avoid the hissing wrath of Button, Panthro takes a more surreptitious approach...


Faith said...

I love it! Dante just shoves Augustine out of the way, but this seems more diplomatic.

Dr. aWoW said...

Well, I think Panthro would also shove Buttons out of the way if Buttons were less of a bully, or didn't have 5lbs on Panthro (which when you weigh 10lbs is a lot!)

Kristine said...

haha! This is so cute!

Moonlit Goddess said...

Such a smart cat!

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