Jul 5, 2010

Here Comes 100

It's a very important time in my life as a needle-worker. I am about to start my 100th* needlework project. I wanted to do something special, but then got all flustered when deciding what that special project is! So, I decided to outsource the decision making. I have quite a few WIPs under way (see right) that I will finish out before starting on this landmark project so there is time before I CO. Thanks for helping!

What Should My 100th Project Be?
Bunny All In One by Debbie Bliss
110-41 socks by DROPS design
Torreyana Shawl by Elizabeth Freeman
Maze by Charlene Schurch
Cable Clock Socks by Ann Budd
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Links to the patterns:
1. Bunny-All-in-One
2. 110-41 Socks
3. Torreyana Shawl
4. Maze Socks
5. Cable Clock Socks

*as documented by Ravelry

Torreyana wins!


Moonlit Goddess said...

I know I can only vote for one, and I voted for the shawl, but those Drops 110-41 socks are really cool. It was a toss up.

Dr. aWoW said...

I'll probably make those socks at some point. It's such a great pattern!

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