Feb 10, 2011

10 Things #9: Bah Bah Baby!

There are many things that are very exciting about preparing to be a mother. Far from the most profound, but arguably the most fun, is the knowledge that you'll have about four solid years of dressing your child up in ridiculous outfits (beyond that point, they get big enough to fight back!). As a knitter, the desire to torture my child with silly outfits is only amplified. Long before I was pregnant, I discovered -and fell in love with -baby clothes that look like cute little animals. My friend, Carly, showed me her copy of New Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss, and as soon as I saw the little Bunny and Sheep costumes I was a woman possessed. I eventually bought my own copy, and as part of this challenge decided to make one. The sheep was picked because of yarn I had available around the house. I love the end product, but the hours and hours of stockinette coupled with the needless amounts of seeming made for a bit of a laborious project. I discovered another Ravelry user who had used Berroco Plush to make her sheep outfit, and I think it worked much better with the project. My favourite part of my FO is the buttons I found at Webs!!

That's Nine!

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