Jul 5, 2008

Day 30: Free at last!

Here's the last in my Month in Photos exercise. My brand new camera is now officially broken in. It was a lot of fun, but I couldn't help but be reminded of the episode of Monk, where a crazy gold prospector from the 1800's had filled hundreds of diaries with gibberish. Monk commented that he had run out of things to say after only five pages, but just kept on writing.

Today is Independence Day. Being a graduate student, I did a full day's work, but I spent the evening at my friend, Kristine's house. We had a lovely barbecue; her husband's grilled corn is a local delicacy! Then we walked downtown to see a firework's display that, unfortunately as it turned out, had happened yesterday. It was still a really nice evening, and we did see the fireworks from the local baseball stadium. I tried to get pictures of the fireworks, but the nicest shot I got was of my friends as they watched the display.

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