Aug 17, 2008

Dr. Liz, Knitting Woman.

Hooray! I got my PhD!!!!! My talk went well, apart from the slides being moved up one line and being cut off by the projector, so that my slide "Tektin 2 depletion leads to cytokinesis failure" was changed to "FAILURE"!!! The questions were tough but fair, and gave me some good ideas for future work.

We have a really nice tradition in our department, where people who successfully defend get to aim a popping champagne cork at the ceiling and sign the dent where it hits. Here's mine. "Go Team Venture" is a reference to Venture Bros., and Adult Swim cartoon about a washed up super-scientist.... seemed fitting!

My boyfriend and his parents sent me lovely flowers to wish me luck. Someone else left the little vase, and while I thought it was very sweet, I have no idea who it was. Thank you, whoever you are!

Here's the cork I popped into the ceiling! I labeled it to commemorate the occasion, and get used to being Dr. Liz!

So now, I have some revisions to do, but other than that, I get to knit without feeling guilty - good times.


Faith said...

Glad you survived the ordeal! Congratulations on being a full-fledged doctor now.

Moonlit Goddess said...

Congratulations!! I'm sure you're glad that's over.

my daughter, the doctor said...

congratulations darling! I am so proud of my darling doc daughter! x Mom

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