Aug 22, 2008

28 is the new 72!

I have often made jokes that my cat ownership, my knitting addiction and my love of Murder She Wrote and Perry Mason should make me eligible for honorary AARP membership.
Evidently, the AARP agreed...

And to make matters worse, I was getting ready for bed a few weeks ago when, what did I see glistening atop my head in the mirror???

It's a little hard to see, but I am going grey! I am yet to get married, have kids or, for that matter, turn 30, but apparently my trudge through old age is well underway. Don't be alarmed if I yell at you for being on my lawn or talk at length about how much a nickel used to get you; I'm just filling out the set. The one thing I will not be doing, from now on, is tempting fate with my ageist humour!

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