Sep 4, 2008

No Smoking? Please!!!

I have recently started cycling to work in an effort to drop some of my thesis weight, and get back into shape after my dissertation-induced 9-month hiatus from physical activity. There's a hill on my route to work that is steeper than I can handle, so I get off my bike and walk until the road is level again. I was cycling last to work last week when, much to my chagrin, I met a girl from the department, with whom I have never gotten on too well. For the first time ever, I made it up the hill on my bike, simply because I was too stubborn to get off my bike in front of her. Apparently, I can dig deep in times of need and overcome obstacles fueled on pure spite! Not the nicest personality trait to be so aware of, I know!
I also used my thesis defense as a cut-off for smoking. Accordingly, I quit the day after I defended and have not smoked a cigarette since. I was talking to my colleague today while chewing nicotine gum. I made a comment about how awful it tasted, only to have my colleague, and another friend launch into jokes about how many times I have failed quitting in the past and how other people have made similar comments in my absence. Basically, an all-out vote of no confidence!
So, if I had wavered in my resolve to quit prior to this; consider me re-resolved!! I am determined, not because of health, economics or social acceptance of smoking, but because of the impenetrable power of spite, to be a life long non-smoker!
Bring it!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

dude, that's so not fair! it would be like me saying i was quitting coffee...i would expect raucous laughter! ;)

on the other hand, if i've motivated you, good!!

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