Sep 30, 2008

We're Getting Married!!!

Here are the photos from our wonderful engagement weekend. Nick took me to the Signature Room in the Hancock Building in Chicago. He proposed to me before dinner and we had a wonderful evening, made better by the free dessert the waiters gave us to congratulate us. The next morning we went to a Sonic for breakfast and headed to the Purdue game. Our team won, and we had a great time other than Nick getting sunburned. We went for dinner with friends and the next morning we had brunch with his old boss. All in all the weekend was perfect and Nick and I are excited to be engaged!

Before we were engaged:

After he asked me to marry him:

Nick happy that I said yes, or that we got free dessert - I don't know which:

Validated parking... thank you Cheesecake Factory!

Sonic for breakfast:

At the Purdue tailgate:

The lady behind us in the previous picture very nicely offered to take the picture below

Nick got a little sunburned!

We won!

Nick admiring new Rockne statue... I didn't know Kansans were allowed near that!

I wanted him to do the pose, he refused!

Fun with waving:


Moonlit Goddess said...

YEAH!! Congratulations. You make such a handsome couple.

Aubrey said...

I already said this on facebook, but hooray! Congrats!

Carly said...

Now that I'm back in the real world (err, at work, ugh)... Congratulations!

Hope you have a nice trip! I'll be wishing I was back in Boston eating clam chowder and cannolis.

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