Sep 20, 2008

I won!!!

I spotted this auction about a week ago. The buy it now price was $50 (plus $10 shipping), which was barely a deal given the low price at Erica's. The reserve was $10, so I decided to practice that virtue and wait until it closed, which was to happen at 10pm on Friday. I checked in every so often, relieved to see that there were zero bids. I guess knitting isn't as hip as I think it is, but that works out well for me in situations like this. But then.... shock and horror.... the day it was due to close, someone placed a bid at the reserve price. I convinced myself to calm down and reasoned that I could be at my laptop at the point the auction closed. Then, I got two phones calls; one friend had successfully defended a Ph.D. thesis and another had gotten the biggest personal injury verdict for a client in St. Joe County history!!!! Obviously, I am not such an awful friend that I would let yarn trump helping my friends' celebrations so I placed a bid and left to go to a local bar. A few hours, and a little tipsiness, later, I came home and was bowled over to find that, not only had I won, the auto-bid function on Ebay had only driven me to $2 over the reserve! I have to say that my over-empathizing is so bad that I feel very guilty about taking the yarn away from that other user. But hey, I haven't been paid in over a month and I am completely broke and dyeing wool is about the only thing that's entertaining in my personal economic climate! (That means that I will very selfishly not be sharing or reselling my spoils of bidding-war.... sorry!)
I can't wait for it to arrive. I have packets and packets of generic-brand Kool Aid waiting for it (again with the broke!). Good times, the way a lot of things have been going recently, I needed this.


Faith said...

What a find! Congrats! (I think I can even say that without jealousy, only because I have much sock yarn in my stash and haven't a clue what I'd make with the wool.)

Moonlit Goddess said...

Wow, what a deal!! All of that for just for the price of 2 skeins. Boy if your landlord thought the "cats" stink now, can't wait to hear about his reaction once you process this batch of dyeing.

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