Oct 30, 2008

Organized Surprise

09/11/08 Update: All done!

Special thanks to Shelly Hattan for her awesome row counts chart!

I have been continuously irked by the fact that everyone but me seems to know about knit-a-longs; where to find them, when they are starting, how to join them, etc. After months of failing to get in on one, I decided to bring the mountain to myself, and so, I have started a KAL for the Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket for the South Bend Knitwork group on Ravelry. As I have never KALed before as a participant, it could be described as ill-defined at best. However, I found an awesome BSJ Row counts chart that has proven very helpful thus far.

I am about 14 rows in and so far so good. I am using my hand-dyed Fisherman's yarn on size 6 circulars, and while it looks pretty, I am a little disappointed the yarn isn't patterning as much as I would have hoped. That said, the pattern calls for huge changes in the numbers of stitches per row, so I am optimistic that the pattern will pick up at some point.

If anyone wants to get in on this, come see the South Bend Knitwork and share your progress.
Here's mine:


Shelly Hattan said...

Glad the spreadsheet is helping you out. I've had mixed reviews. This worked for me - had some visualization issues with others. My mom also could follow it, so I guess it works! :) Please feel free to give me any feedback if you find a problem.

Carly said...

Tag, you're it. (see my blog)

YAY! Lovely BSJ!

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