Nov 21, 2008

I'm it.

Carly tagged me. I guess I have to write seven random things about myself.

1. I spent years knitting incorrectly. When I was a young child, I was taught to knit by my grandmothers. I took a hiatus from knitting so that I could focus on being cool during my teen years but I returned to it, adding crochet to my repertoire, in my early 20's. Somewhere along the way, I got confused about the direction the yarn should wrap in a purl stitch and unwittingly became a combination knitter; I'm such a dishonour to my family! I'm reteaching myself how to knit... hopefully, I can break the habit!

2. A Rhinoceros chased me. My family and I were in Africa in 1985 and we met up with my grandparents and visited a safari park. Dad and my grandfather were sitting in the front seats of the car take pictures of cute monkeys, while my grandmother, my mother and I noticed a rather angry looking rhino coming our way. With some effort, we got my father and grandfather to pay attention and we escaped (it turned out some other visitors to the park had not been quite so lucky). Evidently, a baby rhino was ahead of us, and mama rhino perceived us as a threat. Thankfully, I was so young at the time, that despite my being there, most of what I know about this event is anecdotal.

3. I'm jumpy. I drink too much coffee, don't have great hearing and watch too many horror movies. Together, the result is my jumping out of my skin any time someone appears behind me.

4. I like cheesy TV shows. This isn't a groundbreaking confession to anyone who knows me. Probably my favourite bad show is Murder She Wrote.

5. I have cold feet. Literally, not figuratively. I am engaged so I thought I should point that out. I don't know if it's poor circulation, but my feet are icicles, especially when I am lying down.

6. I'm a night owl. I read somewhere that in teenagers, melatonin levels rise later at night than in most children and adults, and persist later into the morning. This is why teenagers have difficulty getting up in the morning, and perform better in schools with a later start time. I think there was a glitch somewhere in my development where my melatonin timing didn't reset after puberty.

7. I'm a terrible singer. I love singing. If I ever have to drive for longer than half an hour, I burn a mix CD of songs that are fun to sing. If I am having fun singing in the car, I will take a detour on the way home to give myself more time. That said, I would never knowingly subject someone else to the wretched din that is my voice, and if I know someone else is around, my throat closes and I can't make noise come out. The reason I sing in my car so often is that I can be assured that no one can hear me. Except, that is, when I forget I have the window down and am blasting out the bridge to Confessions of a Broken Heart. That was very embarrassing!

I am tagging Faith, Kristine, Aubrey and Sandy. Go!

1 comment:

Carly said...

Hello fellow combination knitter who didn't know it - I immediately thought "Murder She Wrote" when you said you liked cheesy shows, haha. And you're not a terrible singer :) I enjoyed singing "Living on a Prayer" with you!

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