Apr 21, 2009

My Trip to Massachusetts

I was pretty darn excited when I discovered that Murder She Wrote had been adapted into a series of books. After all, murder mysteries are among my favourite things in life. Knitting is another of my favourite things. So you can only imagine the frenetic version of giddy that came out of me when I discovered this:

Yes, my two greatest loves finally tied the knot! I had heard rumours of such a series, but didn't have solid proof until Nick and I were looking for places to live in Massachusetts. We wandered into a realtor's office and met with a lovely woman, who was crocheting when we arrived. At one point, she was giving us long and boring directions to the various locations. Obviously, with my sense of direction I wasn't listening to that, so, instead, I was gazing around her office when I spotted the book on her desk. My mind is primed to spot pictures of yarn, and murder mystery-related keywords, so this really stood out! I took note of the name and resumed the less important task of finding somewhere to live.

The stars were really aligned on this one, and when I got back to Minnesota, I was emailed a Barnes and Noble gift card for a survey I had completed. I picked out "Died in the Wool" and "Knit Fast, Die Young". My order should ship within 3 days. I am quite literally on the edge of my seat. I plan to pass the time by devising some way to read my knitting mysteries while knitting at the same time. I know, it's the dream!

In other massachusite knitting news, we looked at a condo that was being cleared out and prepared for renting. The relatives of the owner were holding a garage sale when we arrived. Evidently, the lady who owned the house was elderly and her daughter now had power of attorney. I think the woman was going senile and was now living in a home. While this was quite sad, I did manage to pick up this yarn for 50¢! I am going to wash it, and also attempt to piece together enough of the label to figure out what it is. I think it's some sort of cotton.
(NiP: I pieced together the label and it read "Spinnerei Schweizerthal A.-G.". It also said that each skein, of which I have 4, has 225 yards.)

What a great State!

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Faith said...

What an eventful trip! I love that you stumbled upon the woman crocheting -- we're everywhere!

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