Apr 6, 2009

The Silver Paw of Fate

I am one cat closer to my attaining birthright! My fiancé brought his cat, Panthro, with him when he visited recently and left him here with me. We had a reason for the cat staying with me, though when I try to retell the reasoning, I realize it may be more a brain fart in logic's clothing. Nevertheless, I now have two cats. I also have a recliner. It's not quite a rocking chair, but it's progress. And I knit and watch Matlock when it's on. All in all, I am well on my way to being the local cat lady.

My first cat, Buttons, has not been as enthused about the new addition to the family. He growls whenever I handle Panthro first and then pick him up. They also rough-house constantly and, Buttons being a long-hair, I have run the vacuum cleaner at least every other day. I was getting upset at the idea that they would never get along, and indeed, that Nick and I may have to considered getting rid of one of them (obviously not Buttons). That was until I was home during the day last weekend.

Why they can't be like this at 3am, and rough-house while I'm at work is a little annoying. But at least they're getting along!


Carly said...

Awwww. That's really cute! Doug says he hates Neville... but I come home to find them like that sometimes (well, Neville will be on Doug's desk while he's playing video games)

Linds said...

That is so cute. My cats still don't get along. I try to force them to cuddle and then Georgia just bites me or Charlotte. And its been almost three years. Ugh.

Jessica said...

don't you love the huge tufts of cat hair? Charley is going through one of his (semi-annual) attempts at being the dominant cat and its been particularly hairy at our house lately! have fun with that ;)

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