Nov 8, 2009

You Like Me! You Really, Really Like Me!!!

Buttons has been quite standoffish recently. He hates Panthro, so spends most of his time growling at him, glaring at us (for being the "bringers of the grey menace"), and generally being wherever we are not. This obviously saddens me, and I long for any sign that he loves us. Evidently, he does!

For those of you not familiar with cats, being presented with dead vermin is the highest form of affection in the feline world. And Buttons was very eager to get inside the house to give me my treat. So much so that I felt oddly guilty for pretending I hadn't seen him! Worse still, he meowed to get my attention, and in the process dropped the mouse(?), which then scuttled away to, I can only presume, live out a long and happy murine existence.

You're not still vegan, are you?


Carly said...

Panthro, as in, the Thundercats Panthro?

What a lucky little mouse! :) Was it playing dead?

Moonlit Goddess said...

I've been presented with mice before and even a gopher once.

Carly, I just watched an episode of the Thundercats on this weekend. That's so funny that you would mention them.

Dr. aWoW said...

Yeah, he's named after the Thundercats' Panthro. When he was a kitten, his ears were really big relative to his face so he looked a lot like a gargoyle, i.e. he looked like Panthro!

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