May 15, 2008

And this little piggy faceplanted something much bigger than it…

Many diverse toe-woes for Liz recently:

I have come to the conclusion that where knitting patterns are concerned, it just wouldn’t be a sock if I didn’t have to unravel it at least once. I got all the way through the, as it turns out, reasonably easy heel-flap over which I had previously fretted. I then moved on to the heel-turn. After I got all the way to through that and was starting on the gusset (my new innocuous-word-I-don’t-like), two of my knitting buddies took one look at it and realized I had done something wrong. Here are the instructions:

“Row 3: Sl1, knit to 1 stitch before the gap, SSK over the gap, Turn.
Row 4: Sl1, purl to 1 stitch before the gap, P2tog over the gap, Turn.”

To me, that reads that I should p2tog or ssk using one stitch from before the gap and one from after it. Nope. I stubbornly said that I wasn’t going to take it apart and redo it as per my friend’s suggestion. Yes, my reaction to disappointment has not evolved one iota since I was three years old. After I got home, I thought the wiser of it, and given the cuff pattern has come out so beautifully, I felt it a terrible shame to half-ass knowingly the rest of the pattern. It is looking a lot better, though the stitches I picked up down the side of the heel-flap are a little loose having been picked up twice.

In oddly related news, I have been hobbling around like a Beatles’ ex-wife this week. I spent Saturday evening at my friends' house, and after an ill-advised trek home I woke up on Sunday with my big toe bigger, and more brusied, than I had remembered it being. Oh, well. It’s not like thesis writing, knitting or MSW viewing are all that requiring of my ability to move around while not looking like Bambi learning to walk. Besides, the fact that the only things I can comfortably wear on my feet are flip-flops meshes rather well with the near-constant delays on my sock-production. Maybe there’s some universal causality between the two? I am definitely steering clear of complicated hat patterns if that is the case. The last thing my brain needs is to work less!

1 comment:

Carly said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. And, indeed, you could have ended up much worse. Like in the river, which is the only thing that really separates your house from hers!

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