May 4, 2008

To sleep, perchance to read.

When Mark lived here, we spent many a Saturday night watching Babylon 5 marathons in lieu of alcohol-fueled nights of partying. I remember once thinking that this was, albeit fun, a pretty nerdy state of affairs for my social life.
With Mark now graduated and back in Jersey, things have got, if it were possible, nerdier. I decided, having accomplished nothing today, to spend the evening getting some reading done. I obviously dozed off, because I just woke up on my couch, on top of a paper my boss wrote that I had highlighted randomly in my sleep. I had even highlighted sections where there wasn't any writing. Score none for the subliminal learning fans.
This doesn't bode well for my career if I can't manage to stay conscious reading about it. Of course, if I keep falling asleep whilst working on my thesis, I won't have a career to worrying about being bored by. It's all about the silver lining kids!

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