May 6, 2008

I have a boo-boo on my I.Q.

I like to think that, as people go, I am reasonably smart. I'm hopefully going to get a shiny new salutation on my name this August (and don't for a second think I will respond to any address lacking it!) and I can kill moderately challenging crosswords on occasion. The one thing keeping my intellectual ego in check, of all things, is knitting patterns! There were women who were completely deprived of the opportunity to be educated that could get through these things. I can find a 0.08 cubic micron centriole in a 1500 micron cell by serial section electron microscopy... How is knitting a pair of faux-cable socks eluding me so adeptly?
I'm making my first pair of top-down socks, and despite a pretty good start on the cuff, I got a little stumped at the heel-flap. To be specific, I got one row into it before losing all track of what I was meant to be doing. The pattern calls for all rows to start with a purl wise slipped stitch, and then to knit until the heel-flap is as long as I want it. My first problem is that I don't necessarily have feelings about how long I like my heel-flaps. The other problem I am having is that I can't envision it getting to any length when I am slipping the same stitches over and over. Once I figure this out, the next section is a similar quagmire of quantum mechanics masquerading as a hobby, but one problem at a time!
Maybe it's karma. I bought the yarn, needles, and a crochet hook that I didn't actually need for the pattern on impulse. I was at a craft store looking for something that we use at work for western blots. When it turned out that they didn't carry that item I decided to use my one-woman-economic-stimulus powers for procrastination; knitting at work on a Saturday is so much more fun than thesis reading after all. And why drive home to get one's knitting when all that stands between you and new yarn is a little over $30?
There's no real point to this. It's more a heads-up for my knitting circle buddies that, come Wednesday, I am going to be a little whiny pain in the bum until someone shows me what to do! Either that, or I'm going to try and solve Fermat's last with classic math alone in the margin of my journal; it can't be harded than socks, right?

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Moonlit Goddess said...

That first pair is a pain to figure out, but once you do, it's easy. So did you get the heel flap figured out last Wednesday? If not I will be there this wednesday and can help out.

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