Jun 15, 2008

Day 11: Ahhh, darn it to the bowels of sanguinary heck!

I have a mouth like a sailor. I barely get through a sentence without dropping at least one F-bomb. I have managed thus far to fob it off as a "cultural" difference, but I think that excuse is beginning to wear thin. With each passing year, my accent softens, but at the same time, as I get further into thesis-writing, my mouth gets fouler. Adding to a pretty obvious list of reasons to clean up ye olde argot is the fact that I am frequently around a lot of children. Two of my colleagues have young daughters and my boss has two children under the age of 10. I love being around kids and want to have my own at some point, but I think it behooves me to clean up my diction prior to starting a family.

Children are, albeit indirectly, both the reason I want to break the habit of cursing and the reason I can't stop. I am knitting something for my friend Faith who is expecting her first child. It's meant to be a surprise (hence the B&W photo), although I am reasonably sure that Faith has seen me working on it already. I am using Lion Brand's ironically named Cotton-Ease yarn, and for some reason, when the pattern calls for a certain technique, the yarn forms huge, ugly holes. There are a number of ways to accomplish this technique, all of which I tried to no avail. I have tried the technique using a different yarn to eliminate my own ineptitude as the cause, and for once, that is not the problem. So, if you find me elbow-deep in Cotton-Angst yarn, impersonating a Tourette patient, just bear in mind that I'm doing it for the kids!


Faith said...

I'm glad your photo was so nondescript -- I couldn't tell anything about it. And while you hurriedly put it away Wednesday, I caught nary a glance. Only your guilt gave away that you'd been working on it.

Although it's completely out of character, I'm doing my best to stay in the dark! I haven't even asked my office what it is, even though they've hinted they know. Hopefully it will get less trying, for your sake...

Carly said...

Well... while cotton yarn isn't the most forgiving, I have a feeling the pattern is causing the problem (not you or the yarn). I hate when that happens.

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