Jun 18, 2008

Day 14: It's not easy being green

Watching South Bend become environmentally conscientious is a little reminiscent of watching Bambi walk for the first time. While you can dispose of a metric tonne of landfill-destined waste with little hindrance, and virtually no expense, setting up recycling proves to be nothing short of an ordeal. I found a website where I could request delivery of a recycling bin, but, much to my chagrin, the link led to an "under construction" page. It did, however, have a phone number you could call to request the bin, so I called it. After some extensive menu navigation, I got to speak to a lady who told me, "You should be calling a different number to get a recycling bin delivered." Well, if you wanted me to call a different number, why do you have this one on your... never mind, what's the number I need to call? Another round of automated menu selection later, I finally found a human, who got a little confused about my address, but eventually we managed to get the bin ordered. A few weeks later it arrived and I can now feel I am doing a small part for the environment.
This morning I was driving into work (in my 4-cylinder, manual car). As I was crossing the bridge on Angela Boulevard, something made me laugh so hard I nearly crashed my car. The city council has painted bike lanes on either side of the road. This is great; it encourages people to cycle rather than to drive. One small problem. The only place they have designated bike lanes is on the bridge. I guess if your morning commute has you crossing the bridge over and over, but not driving anywhere else, you're sorted...

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