Jun 16, 2008

Day 12: Insomnia sucks

Sorry for the plebeian title - I am barely capable of spelling my own name today. Thank goodness for the spell-check on this site. A melange of pollen, heat and thesis-related stress have been conspiring against me recently. I think I got to sleep by about 4am last night, after I finally gave in and took a sleep-aid. My alarm went off at 8am but the sleep-aid still thinks I have another 4 hours of unconsciousness owing, so I have thus far demonstrated the synaptic firing patterns of a stapler. I don't have anything too taxing to accomplish today, other than an appointment with the ISSA where my famed ability to tolerate bureaucrats will be put to the test. My colleagues keep expecting me to finish sentences, which is a little more than I am willing to do, so I may hide in the microscope room until I feel a bit perkier. Roll on 6pm!

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