Jun 24, 2008

Day 20: We're only on number two, no need to worry just yet!

My boss had the audacity to tell me that the frogs I am forced to work with are clean, nice and harmless. I beg to differ. I had to inject six of my banes yesterday. As far as their cleanliness is concerned, they are slimy and stinky, and when you handle them, you too become slimy and stinky. They are also inexplicably armed with claws; a brain fart on the part of the spaghetti monster, I guess. So not only are you covered in ex-Xenopus ooze, but you now have open wounds, into which the detritus is now flowing... As Carly would say, Blech! Also, my definition of nice does not cover things that claw me. And as for their being harmless, I am not convinced. I see that look in their eyes. They're up to something. Take a look for yourself. Oh, and that particulate matter floating around in the water. Yup, that's their excrement and shed skin. I have to reach into that to get them. And they eat it!! So, it could well be 2nd generation poop..... Q.E.D!!!


nicollins01 said...

I agree, I hate those little bastards. Though Buttons also claws you -- he is neither nice nor harmless.

aWoW said...

Buttons doesn't claw me! That may be because I trim his claws, so it's really more of a batting motion... And he's nice to me, and everyone who doesn't do "Spider-Cat" with him. Basically, everyone but you :oP

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