Jun 21, 2008

Day 17: Here comes the Bride

Weddings are a definite grab-bag as events go. Sometimes the ceremony was short and sweet; other times you were invited to a catholic wedding. Sometimes the reception was a great night out; other times you got stuck in cheesy hell doing the chicken dance. Sometimes you really know that the couple are just meant for each other; other times you have $20 riding in the "when this is going to end in divorce" pool.
Luckily, today's wedding that I attended was the former on all counts. My very good friend, Kayleigh, married her long-time boyfriend, Travis. The church was decorated beautifully, though it paled in comparison to how amazing Kayleigh looked. The ceremony was a reasonable length and a perfect mixture of religion, humour and tear-jerking. Kayleigh and Travis are just perfect together, and there is no doubt that they will have a wonderful marriage. The reception was a lot of fun, the food was amazing, the music was great, the cake was chocolaty heaven, and above all, no chicken dance.


Carly said...

I love how it's HER mom pelting them with the confetti :P

Carly said...

For the record, I think I accidentally clicked on the wheelchair logo next to the word verification. Suddenly gibberish started playing from my computer. If I were blind, I was be terrified to be in a world sounded like that.

aWoW said...

I can't even find the wheel chair logo and I can see... There's a small flaw in this system :oS

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