Jun 8, 2008

Day 4: It's around here somewhere!

There are many things that suck about thesis-writing; the fear, the nightmares, the cold-sweats, even the odd blue screen of death right after you write an awesome paragraph but can't quite remember what you said. Aside from the emotional toll of wrapping up a doctorate, the thesis-writing process tends to wreak havoc on everything around you as well. When your big achievement of the last 48 hours is the inarticulate scrawling of a few sentences that don't stand a chance of surviving the first draft reading, guilt becomes an inherent feature of not only relaxation, but any activity. Dishes pile up the sink, your laundry pile becomes such a behemoth that it attacks your pet cat and ring binders and file cabinets are jettisoned in favour of the open-plan filing system.

I realized that my plan of keeping my primary literature out and where I need it, i.e. by my recliner where I work, was not quite the success I had hoped when I spent about 45 minutes looking for a review that I was sure I had brought home.

Maybe it's somewhere on my desk at work...

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